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Alumni Share Strategies for Growth at Wharton Scale School Workshops

Posted by on Oct 21, 2018 in School Workshops | 2 comments

Prof. Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, on the recent launch of the Wharton Scale School Workshop Series at Wharton San Francisco. At these events, Penn and Wharton Alumni in the area are able to gain insights from experienced business leaders and meet fellow alumni.

On Friday 12 June we invited St Patrick’s Primary School Belfast along to the MAC to take part in our MAC Workshop with artist Paddy Bloomer.

Taking inspiration from the artwork “Dream – Spontaneous Combustion” by Olaf Brzeski, located in our Sunken Gallery as part of the exhibition ‘I will go there, take me home’, we challenged the Primary 6 pupils to get creative, have fun and even prank their teacher.

If you’re interested in organising a workshop for your school or group or want to know about other ways to Get Creative at the MAC then please contact our Learning & Participation Officer Clare Lawlor on or call 028 9089 2960.

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Shrewsbury Folk Festival Room For All School Workshops

Posted by on Sep 23, 2018 in School Workshops | 20 comments

A short film chronicling the educational outreach work carried out by the festival’s Room for All project that aimed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Dance artists: Sonia Sabri, Rachel Leggit and Poppy Mansfield.

Schools: Chirbury Primary School, Gobowen Primary School and St George’s Junior and Radbrook Primary in Shrewsbury.

For more information, go to

Film produced by Media Active with financial support from Arts Council England and Shropshire Council
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Kaboom Percussion School Shows + Workshops

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Composed by Kaboom Percussion
Performed by Catherine Betts & Joshua Webster
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‘Secondary School Workshops’

Posted by on Aug 12, 2018 in School Workshops | Comments Off on ‘Secondary School Workshops’

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Woodcarving School- Online Video Workshops [ Wood Carving Course ]

Posted by on Jan 14, 2018 in School Workshops | 4 comments

Woodcarving School

School of Wood Carving Online- Woodcarving School with Classical flair

Woodcarving School

New SCHOOL OF WOODCARVING is Open for Signing!
For a long time, many woodcarvers and woodworkers from all over the World asked me about if I would be willing to teach Woodcarving Skills.

I carve for a long time and developed my approach and even my own unique style.

BECAUSE many of YOU asked
Finally this year I made my mind and built a new Subscription based website for people who interested in Wood carving and Woodworking. You will have access 24/7. I implement OLD EUROPEAN Way of teaching. I work and explain and YOU watch over my Shoulder and do it!
I cover Design stages, Sharpening (it was the most challenging in the beginning, but I developed a method that works for me as workhorse ) And of-course CARVING CARVING CARVING.

If You would like to get a taste of a style I teach (and
I have Russian accent :)) Please fill free to watch one of my Course on Sharpening. By the way, I do sell this course on YouTube for .99
it is FREE for YOU!

Get Your access and I hope You will be glad You did.


Holzschnitzerkurs houtsnybaan
lëndë drusore የእንጨት ማድበሪያ መንገድ نحت الخشب بالطبع
փայտի փորագրման դասընթաց
ağac oyma kursu
কাঠ খোদাই কোর্স
egur taila ikastaroa
разьба па дрэве вядома
kurs rezbarije drveta
дърворезба курс

School of Wood Carving Online- Woodcarving School with Classical flair


#woodcarving #wood carving #decoy carving classes #wood carving course

School of Wood Carving Online- Woodcarving School with Classical flair


#woodcarving #wood carving #decoy carving classes #wood carving course
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Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in School Workshops | 3 comments

We at Drumroots have had many years of working in schools to gather a wealth of experience leading exciting and inclusive African drumming and dance workshops to get the most out of children and young people from all backgrounds and from broad demographic boundaries. Until recently we have relied on only the powerful tool of word of mouth, as well as printed testimonials to allow other people to know how effective, uplifting and beneficial our work with children and young people in schools can be. However, keeping up with the times and acknowledging the importance on online media and resources, as well receiving more and more requests from school teachers wishing to see what can be achieved through our workshops, before inviting us into their school or centre, led us to produce this video.

In a single day we ran coordinated African drumming and dance workshops with the children of Stamford Park Junior School, aiming to produce an end of the day performance for the rest of the school and children’s parents — an idea which is becoming increasingly popular as it allows not only the pupils who participate in the workshops to reap the benefits, but also for the whole school, plus teachers and parents to see what can be achieved and to enjoy seeing their friends, pupils and own children performing this amazing art form.

This video was produced with the help and permission Stamford Park Junior, the work of African dancer Sens Sagna, and was filmed and edited by James Kelly of Eskimotion.0

Drumroots and Sens Sagna run exciting, inclusive and engaging African drumming and dance workshops in schools and for people of all ages. For more info, visit the website or call us of: 0161 408 5270.

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Children and young people an are often natural musicians without even knowing it, and our Drumroots school workshops are designed to help pupils explore their individual musical abilities, as well as show them the value of working together as a team. Our workshops also focus on motor skills and coordination, whilst emphasising the importance of communication with fellow young drummers to bring out the best in their music.
We work with Infant, Primary and High School pupils, and our workshops can support key areas of the curriculum, as well themed school events such as Arts Weeks and the celebration of world cultures. The individual content and style of workshops reflects the age and ability of the pupils, and we always provide at least two enhanced CRB-checked and insured facilitators, one of whom is HSE certified first aider. We have particular experience of supporting pupils with special educational needs, including Aspergers and Autism. We also work with expelled, excluded and socially disadvantaged youngsters. in addition, we deliver training for teachers, and we are available for after school drum clubs.
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Posted by on Oct 22, 2017 in School Workshops | 3 comments

Ayaovi Kokousse teaching at the I’M DANCER COOLCAT WORKSHOPS at Global Dance Centre Almere . Order your dancewear at For more information and classes visit
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ACEMS is proud to present “Mathscraft,” a series of workshops for secondary students and their teachers. The goal of the program is to have students and teachers experience one important aspect of learning mathematics – namely, experiencing the immense satisfaction that comes from creating an idea and developing the idea to a point where you know it is either always right, sometimes right or never right! This video shows how the program works, what the students who took part think of it, and how the program is expanding to include more teachers around the country.

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