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UK Primary Education!


What are the big differences between British and American schools? I’ve worked in both and have several comparisons to make for the UK vs USA education systems.

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  1. I think the closest us brits have to homecoming is reunions. Except it’s just your year or class. And it never takes place in the school. Most brits have minimal attachment to their school

  2. We had 'Heads of House' where they would check progress and attendance, they would also give you the option to talk to the school counselor/therapist if you felt you needed to. I think the closest to guidance counselors we have in UK schools is actually a form tutor as every half term you would have a meeting to check up on you, your work, and talk through any concerns.

  3. Waiting isn't that bad. generally just forget about exams for a few months and then get results when I'm less emotional and tired… I prefer it to getting results soon! Also, you didn't talk about GCSEs, when highschool starts or subjects

  4. Homecoming in the UK is called prom

  5. In the UK we sit on chairs in the hall

  6. Who has tutor time after session 5

  7. All of the UK schools, don’t have metal detectors.

    None of the schools have vending machines that throws out junk food.

    Schools promotes & teach science more, & religion is called RE, & is taught for maybe half hour, once a week, and covers all religions, not just Christianity.

    There is a government body called Ofsted that goes round every school & grades the teachers performances, & how well the school is doing, giving the parents a choice on whether to send their kids there or not.

    If you want a brief understanding on what the UK education system is like, then I recommend the Educating series, which covers all the UK area.
    Educating Yorkshire, Educating Greater Manchester, Educating Essex, Educating Cardiff, Educating East End.

  8. Its different in Scotland to the rest to the UK

  9. Did you ever teach in The Rupublic of Ireland

  10. Results day is a really emotional day where students come in either laughing to get rid of the anxiety or crying because they know they've failed, and then you get a brown envelope which everyone opens slowly, because it has your fate written on it in the form of letters and numbers. This takes place in one of the school halls, and all around you you have people cheering, crying, screaming, laughing and hyperventilating, and the teachers walk around taking pictures of it all to post on Twitter.

  11. I have assembally’s twice a week. It’s awful.

  12. its hell 🙂

  13. Im in year 9 so 10th grade and our school is over subscribed but I don't know why because it is an awful school. We finish at the age of 16 so 2 more years but now we HAVE got to go to college until we are 18.

  14. London is a chav place, brum is a chav place, everywhere is a chav place

  15. We have to wears ties and shit in the uk

  16. This is a English not a British guide to schools. The system is quite different in Scotland.

  17. Nice milf

  18. In my school (uk) they do have guidance counsellors but there called mentors

  19. I wanna know where she got that picture because that looks identical to my school in The United States New York it's name is Mexico Academy and Central Schools High school and it used to be a boys military academy

  20. In my school (I’m Year 9) we have;

    Head teacher
    3 deputy heads
    Head of each year
    Head for each house (Roman, Cedar, Maple, Oak)
    Head for each subject
    Head of sixth form
    Head of the hub (a learning centre)

    And for assemblies(

    In primary school, years 1-5 sat on the floor but Year 6 had benches at the back.

    Now in secondary school we all have seats and we have house assemblies and occasional year group assemblies

    Also, we get her choice to go to colledge, sixth form or to get an apprenticeship (as we have to stay in education until we are 18)

    I think the UK is more organised and better in my opinion.