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UK Primary Education!

God Level Teacher Skills. Everyone Wants Them

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Teaching is a very difficult profession, because you really need to love children to be able to teach them something. It’s not just a job, it’s a vocation. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t put their souls into school lessons… but not the heroes of today’s video. These are some dream teachers, and regardless of whether you have finished school or not, you will envy their students.


  1. Nv sir kahan h

  2. Walter is know for his chalk trick more than anything.

  3. Holy moly that's me at 6.50

  4. 6:45 he is my teacher how crazy of me to coincidently see this

  5. Error 404, No Blacks Found. Black people can't do any of these.

  6. The dancing Chinese principal at the beginning is pure gold.

  7. Filipino teachers <3

  8. I'm a teacher myself and I do everything I can to make education fun for students,and when they passed out with flying colors I feel the pride that I cannot expressed makes me so happy😊

  9. coolest principal

  10. And my teacher just guessing our grades

  11. What if i was homeschool..

  12. Please stop getting credits from other people’s vedios thank you

  13. Teachers I want

  14. Why isnt the teacher 👨‍🏫 that draws the skeleton be a art teacher

  15. 1:59 why this teacher is wasting his time by drawing those huge diagrams on the board teacher must be smart why don't he use a projector to explain and so many animations are available simply he is wasting the time unless if he is a drwaing teacher

  16. Most of them are male

  17. 6:19 that boy has brought mobile in school and is also taking video

  18. Is it racist cause the teacher is white and all the students are black?

  19. 10:15 For some reason I thought that teacher was a kid

  20. I'm number 1 hated on all my teachers list sad to say