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UK Primary Education!

History is FUN!

History class is boring. At least that’s what most of us remember from our elementary and junior high school years.

So how come a 5th grader, after completing an 8 page (!) history test about Ancient Greece excitedly asks her teacher if she can read the last paragraph of her test to him?

How do you motivate students to make the learning of history so exciting that students can’t wait to come to class each day?

Watch this video to see how, in LePort’s elementary school program, we connect history to the children’s life today. What if your child could learn history, and all other school subjects, in this exciting, engaging way?

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How Hitler helped you get your phone!!


  1. I think any child would love Jesse as his history teacher. He is so fun, passionate and compelling. I would love for him to teach my boys in the years to come!

    All teachers out there…take note.

  2. This was very interesting, and a very good speaker as well!

  3. A few historical errors in the lesson, but overall very good

  4. Wait, what war was Hilter in?

  5. Hitler could never help us

  6. IBM orginated in 1911 which is before WW1 so I don't really get his argument

  7. Hilter?