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UK Primary Education!

How to Teach Social Studies / History: A Survival Guide for First Year Teachers

Your first year of teaching is awful. Why do first year social studies teachers have to reinvent the wheel? In this series, I will be uploading materials and lesson plans for every lesson I have ever done. I will particularly be focusing on US History I, US History II, Political Science, Civics, and Government lessons.

If you ever need help designing a lesson, please email me at sandershistoryvideos@gmail. I am here to help!


  1. If only more teachers watched these..

  2. Thank you so much, I'm a home school mum and this was ever so helpful thanks again

  3. Hi! I am just about to begin the journey and want to truly awaken minds.. I will be thrilled to be able to contact you

  4. I can't thank you enough for this, it's not easy being new!

  5. hello Jeffrey very nice to watch your video on S.S.
    This is my Second year teaching S.S & as we teach From Text books, So how can we make more interesting History & Civics. History as its on Plot..but how can be explain more in interesting manner?.

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  7. oka

  8. This one of the finest education videos on You Tube! Thanks for educating us.

  9. I am try for teacher job .I have written examination based on child psychology

  10. I am a new teacher and would love some help- what's your email!!

  11. Thank you for the advise.

  12. Great lecture. I teach at the British American Collegio in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I look forward to viewing your material that you have provided. My students take classs in both English and Spanish. Grammatically correct instruction is critical as most of my students are headed to attend colleges in USA or Europe.

  13. Thanks! I'm a 3rd year, but this is still excellent information.

  14. It's helpful! Thank you!

  15. I don't have a M.A. Education, I am coming to teaching from the arts so I am so grateful I ran into your toolbox! Thnx Dude

  16. wow great advise.