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UK Primary Education!

Jamie's Dream School | David Starkey on History and the Hoard

David Starkey shows students some of the objects found in the Staffordshire Hoard—the largest archaeological Anglo-Saxon find ever unearthed—and explains what it reveals about Saxon culture.

These Dream School lessons have been edited to focus on factual and learning content. Moments of class disruption may have been removed!

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  1. It's not what you know, it's who you know. Plus people from poor backgrounds have been discriminated against for centuries. Those poor kids don't stand a chance. There are exceptions, like Starkey, but it's miniscule in the bigger picture.

  2. A very intelligent man

  3. The kids are like most ignorant, but the problem today is the teachers ,this guy explains and gets attention, today's teachers want to be friends, some want to date their pupils.

  4. Starkey is a good teacher in large part I think because he speaks loud enough and VERY CLEARLY.

  5. "We've all got to recognise each other's talents" words to live by

  6. What an amazing man! I know he can be a bit of a love/hate character on TV debates but he has a fantastic brain, is an incredible teacher and speaks his mind.

  7. How can I reach these KIIIIIHHDS?

  8. So did these lads become rappers? I'm dying to know.

  9. Dr. Starkey should have burned them all as heretics…

  10. Wow

  11. And out of all these people one person was successful and now she is in EastEnders

  12. Hearing his intro, this guy is so full of shit. To do as well as him you need a very high IQ. To not know that, the guy is an idiot in a sense. These kids would be better off listening to Jordan Peterson giving them that info if they hadn't figured it out for themselves, which they probably haven't even this Starkey guy didn't.

  13. I consider myself a working class socialist. Despite that, I LOVE Starkey! An intellectual historian and a fine orator – Terrific. Could listen to him all day!

  14. Kendal, where Starkey is from, doesn't just export historians, it also exports its fair share of drug dealers!

  15. He was talking for too long…..he should have broken the lesson up…groupwork/individual work/role play…its the only way to keep DUMB children occupied.4 lessons in one lesson…….

  16. This guy starts out with the brutal reality failure in school and life. They've probably heard this a thousand times! Haa!

  17. Are you all aware of the consequences of committing sedition & treason?

  18. God help us all haha

  19. Unfortunately we have passed a critical inflexion point in contemporary identity politics, rather than developing equality via the mechanism of tolerance the ‘male,pale and stale’ (me) have been targeted by sytemic hate crime; even the BBC have colluded. Only the truly gifted ie Prof Starkey etc can transcend this new apartheid.

  20. Did Starkie ever address any of them by name? Did he ask anyone their name? Fast-forward thru this video, and all I hear is Starkie talking 95% of the time. The youngsters can only ask questions by interrupting him. It’s interesting to read the opinions of some actual teachers with actual experience of teaching this age-group: