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Making History Interesting

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Textbooks present a dry, dull picture of history, detailing mundane facts and dates that must be memorized. But, real history is learned when it is brought to life. Karen Nelson shares how her family brought a Greek unit study to life and gives tips for those who might not know how to make history interesting.

Parents should use textbooks as reference points to refresh their memory of historical facts. But when presenting those fact to their children, they should bring excitement to the table.

1. Set the Stage
Create a hook for your history unit study by starting with a field trip! Starting with something creative initiates both questions and interest.

2. Create a Parallel
Pull the past into the present by comparing the then and the now. How do the people compare? What about the culture?

3. Find Cause & Effect
History repeats itself. Finding out why things happened in the past can help us change the future.

Don’t just read historical information. Do it! Act it out! And watch it come alive for your students.

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