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Reggie Watts – TEACH: HISTORY

Welcome to TEACH: HISTORY with Reggie Watts. In today’s episode, Mr. Watts discusses the Party Demon of 1815, Column-Bia, and Bananas.

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Reggie Watts – TEACH: HISTORY

Reggie Watts – TEACH: HISTORY
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Chair: David Trowbridge, Marshall University
Tona Hangen, Worchester State University
Russell Jones, Eastern Michigan University

This session was recorded at the 2014 OAH Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.


  1. he ate the punchlines, yes, all of them!!!

  2. Reggie watts be my teacher

  3. "Now if you'll turn to page four of your notebooks"
    "He could only go to Hell… or Hades"
    "They enjoyed a food that was longer than round"
    :DDD Hahaha, I love his subtle humor!

  4. Reggie's English accent is near perfect.

  5. if you turn to page 4 of your notebooks…

  6. would have been funnier with real history. A lot happened in 1815

  7. I feel like I've taken some acid…..

  8. 1:09 – Oh, NOW I see.

  9. 0:59 the girl in red is fucking pissing herself pahaha

  10. Brazilliance!

  11. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  12. Dear Reggie- i love you.

  13. Brazilliant

  14. Dammit I've been saying Columnbeea wrong this whole time smh

  15. actually helicopters come from connecticut

  16. The demon was a party demon

  17. I also enjoy fruit that is longer than round

  18. this is making me want to be a teacher

  19. 39 people missed the like-button

  20. Watts is the greatest intellectual of our generation.