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Studying in the UK: Challenges faced by Indian students

Studying in the UK: Challenges faced by Indian students

Every year thousands of students take a big leap leaving schools and going to university. We spoke to a few students in the UK to find out the challenges they face being on their own in a university. Are they able to live within their budget? Shopping, parties or eating out – which one stays and which one goes? Also, we spoke to a few ex-students to find out the right path to securing the right placement. All that and more, only on this episode of Out of England.

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Money Talks: UK universities losing appeal to EU students

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has told business leaders he wants to negotiate a simple “off-the-shelf” transition deal with Brussels. He wants to maintain current trading relations with Europe for at least two years after Brexit. All this is being watched closely by Britain’s universities. Brexit hurts their ability to attract EU students and potentially this could have terrible consequences for both their funding and their reputation as Matthew Moore reports from London and our Editor-at-large Craig Copetas joins us from Paris.






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  3. One word for people studying at the university is the dirty street food it gives you the shits

  4. I think the things that challenge me is men creeping on me in India

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  8. UK students mate are so fucking spoiled they got a free uni email

  9. I am Indian but blessed to be born here.

  10. What is rent at downtown

  11. Misleading title. These challenges are everywhere

  12. I wonder how they speak Hindi , in that accent ,

  13. Plz speak in Hindi

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  15. Germany?

  16. They are Right they left this one sided country !!!
    INDIA🇮🇳 is a place of Reservation to SC/ST !!!

  17. Desi – Culturclash from the Sub Indian continent. Case study, I purchased a western music compilation cd and the cashier was an Indian Hindu. her expression showed a thousand emotions. later that day on public transport and in town i was confronted by so many (Nindus) trying to send a message or distract me. It is very difficult on face value to determine someones background, if only they new my music collection they would in for a shock, hence born in England and raised in a totally different religious background there is nothing in common except Bollywood movies and certain aspects of Indian music.

  18. So many Indians i come across seem malnutrition, week and ( unmentionable), so what is going wrong? . Bollywood act-tresses seem in general pretty and Miss India in world contest. The focus on education at all costs compromising health, Hindu education in UK is top of the chain but what about the rest. My time in London was about just getting enough education (bearing in mind the social background) and progressing to the next course, but enjoying all the eastern and western music, the biggest achievement was winning the Seetech Football London league, runners up twice. Football World Cup the biggest tournament with so many nations participating, so where is powerhouse India. IT, doctors, Bollywood, Porn. An old cricket pal corner-shop Mr Patel who supplied Indian/Pakistani videos during the 80s now retired, said he passes the time listening to Bollywood music. KJ Laugh out load what a collection to go through.

  19. No one frigging misses school

  20. Is it possible to study with a part time job in University without parents financial support ?