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UK Primary Education!

Teaching A New Player How To Rust

Kristian is new to the game, so I figured I’d teach him the basics of Rust…and tell him a whole bunch of bullsh*t while I giggled at him.


Server: Viking Republic

Outro Song:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. Lmao my clan (911) killed kristian

  2. 9:05 that's a slug or a potato XD

  3. You and Kristian should come play with the GutterSkanks sometime
    Great vid as always stimp man

  4. you mean motherfucker lmfao

  5. WADAFUQ? omfg keep making videos with Kristian!!! I laughed so hard!

  6. Please do more with Kristian!!!

  7. I needs more kristian

  8. fuckin lol

  9. hi

  10. I was hoping you'd do another video with this meme

  11. so funny!! i laughed, and laughed!! 😀

  12. Brownies fresh out of oven : I sleep.
    Stimpee upload : REAL SHIT

  13. Bro love your voice but you have an annoying laugh

  14. Kristin

  15. Kristian is hot 😉

  16. Those were a tough 4 days stimpee 🙁

  17. Stimp there needs to be a kristian series!!!

  18. all kristian says is friendly and no kill please.

  19. No offense, but sometimes your laugh sounds like someone rubbing their fingers on a whiteboard.

  20. Never let go of Kristian stimpee