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UK Primary Education!

This is Britain School

This is Britain   School

This is Britain   School


  1. I live in England and this is the reason I hate it smh

  2. You call it assembly? We call it 'flag ceremony' XD

  3. sb has to put oblivion music into this

  4. lolly pop lady??? wtf I'm brittish and I don't call them that

  5. This never happened to me I ran past cars and didn't give a heck about anything 😂

  6. I like the uniform so much ! And i like the Accent ! And their name weird but cool !

  7. And I thought my school was bad😂

  8. The north of the U.K. is no where near as bad as the south😂

  9. Anette est ma meilleure amie !

  10. "This is my school,forest school" Hes asking for someone to come get him

  11. this isnt school! where are the fights and the vape dealers?

  12. replay me

  13. phone no set me plz plzzz

  14. 1:29 Zain Malik haha

  15. This is why Britain is America's bitch. And the fact that they still cuck themselves to an inbred family that murdered Diana.

  16. gay

  17. Don't button up your blazer at school it looks started no offence xD

  18. "This is cheesy" "the acting is cringe" ITS FOR FUCKING KIDS YOU FUCKING TWATS

  19. good morning?? seriously???

  20. so much for standing quietly