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UK Primary Education!

UK vs USA: University Differences! • Lingo, Class Structure, etc.

Here are some differences I’ve found between American college/university and university in England/the UK. Feel free to comment and let me know what you’ve experienced! (also, I’m sick in this video so sorry about that lol)

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Hi, my name is Mackenzie. I’m a 22 year old grad student living in London! I love city lights, beautiful flowers, Chipotle, concerts, photography, food, and being creative. Want to know more? Let’s be friends!

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  1. Us education system is cool easy going and better.


    Are there student clubs and club hours every week in The UK University or not? What is the difference between a college and university in The UK? Is tuition covered through financial aid in The UK or students have to pay their tuition? Do professors offer any office hours for students to get some extra help? Are there any grad advisers and financial aid advisers there? Do students have a choice to take morning, afternoon, or evening classes? Do each course have credits and if so then how many credits each course has? Is gym a part of time table or not? Do boys and girls share the same bathrooms like in France or not?

  3. which university is the best for interior design in UK?

  4. I don't think this is very useful. She is speaking only of her direct experience and generalizing on it. Just as every college and university is different in the US, so they are in the UK. Indeed, she says she's doing "media studies" in the UK, but they don't exist at most British universities.

  5. I want to ask you something, how much money do you spend everymonth in uk and us?

  6. In America do you have students trying to blag literally anything with NUS?!! Need a new Kidney – Do you take NUS!! We all know you're bank rolled by the old folk!

  7. Are you able to use the recorder app on your phone to help take notes?

  8. I want to go to university in the states but do I need to have an A-level in order to go to college in the states because I'm not sure I think it doesn't matter as long as you meet the requirements for example what SAT or ACT score you need in order to get in to the college of your choice

  9. which uni in multimedia do u study ??

  10. Hey. Great video. I am going through the college application process right now and I am applying to both US and UK. I am from India, so both countries will be very different from what I'm used to.

  11. same here I took a lot of courses I like the UK

  12. Well presented clear concise..Learning here is learning not absorption cool 🙂

  13. I'm a senior in high school in the US and I'm planning to attend school (university) in the UK… thank you for making this video, it really helped!

  14. Hi 🙂 I know this video is a bit old, but are you still open to answering questions about the UK education system?
    I completed my undergraduate degree in the US but want to apply to masters programs in the UK and would love some insight!

  15. what is the difference of studing american degree? can a person who studied british education to do an american degree?

  16. This is so helpful. I've wanted to move to London for study abroad for years. I'm almost finished with undergrad, and I would love to go to London for grad school!

  17. You are so beautiful

  18. Sounds like the UK is all about the student being self reliable. I kind of like that. I'm thinking about going over there for my Masters or PhD…but not so sure.

  19. The facts your saying about British University's I didn't even know and seeing as I live here it's good to know! I LEARNDED!

  20. i love you ……….seriously!

  21. How is middlesex university….

  22. I live in Cambridge. If someone wants to study in place that’s not as busy as London’s but as cool as London and want loads of parks. While experiencing a crap load of drug dealers, night time speeders that keep you awake, then come to Cambridge!

  23. everyone complaining about other universities meanwhile ……..

    Yay lancaster :3

  24. This is why The Independent is a joke. University of Manchester requires more than many of these universities at about 450+ UCAS tariff points, some subjects reaching about 500 and offers around the 60-70% mark. Edinburgh requires more than all of these non RG universities (excluding St Andrews) at over 500 UCAS points for some degrees and offer rates at around 50% same with Bristol. Whereas Lancaster gives over 90% of its offers and requires about 400 UCAS points. Also, UCL is easily in the top 6 hardest universities to get into, easily.

    Did you guys not even Google this stuff before using the hilariously inaccurate Complete University Guide?

  25. This cant be true, ucl had to be in the top 5 not surrey wtf, i got into surrey with BBB

  26. Is the University of Bristol hard to get into? Is it really good?

  27. Bath is hard to get in to? Okay, I'm American, wishing to move to England and attend Bath University. How the hell is it that hard? I found that the requirements I need to meet for Bath are much easier than Queen Mary University. How Queen is not on here is shocking.

  28. This ranking is skewed. Unis with nursing courses such as KCL with BBB are brought lower then what they are.

  29. In what universe are Lancaster, Surrey and Loughborough harder to get into over places such as Bristol, Edinburgh or UCL?

  30. I realise that it depends on your subject but, for English Literature, I'd say it's easy to get into Surrey and arguably Lancaster too. I got offers from both for only ABB whereas Nottingham and Newcastle gave me offers for AAB and they weren't even on the list. I would have thought Nottingham would have been.

  31. wheres uni of manchester at?

  32. I would like to warn any colored (brown, yellow, black) student wishing to study at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom to beware of a person called Dr. Michael Kenyon, who is a lecturer at the School of Physics & Astronomy at that university. Kenyon is a narcissistic, twisted racist sociopath. In 1998, Michael Kenyon was an undergraduate at University College London (UCL), and he lived at an accommodation leased by UCL (on Doughty Street, London WC1). From the beginning, he took a dislike to his next door neighbor, an Asian student studying at UCL. This Asian student was quiet and did not bother anyone. But Kenyon was a very different character. He was a manipulative, racist sociopath who hated people in general, but colored people in particular. Kenyon, on one occasion, cut out words from a newspaper and formed the words I Am A Paki Wanker and pasted the words on a piece of blank A4 paper and stuck it on the Asian student's door late one night, thinking that the Asian student would not discover it until next morning. On another occasion, Kenyon persuaded another resident at the building to write the words Vaseline Boy next to the Asian student's name on the phone list next to the public phone inside the building, because Kenyon wanted to humiliate the Asian student. The student who wrote the words Vaseline Boy at Kenyon's behest later regretted it and TipEx-ed it off and informed the Asian student about it. Kenyon also tried to get a couple of friends of the student who wrote Vaseline Boy to beat up the Asian student. That is how much he hated his Asian neighbor.

    (In the U.K., a "Paki" is a derogatory and offensive word that refers to Asian people from the Indian subcontinent. In other words, "Paki" would be as offensive a word as "nigger" is to black people, or "Chink" is to Oriental people).

    So what exactly triggered Kenyon's pathological hatred for his Asian neighbor (apart from the fact he was Asian)? Well, the Asian student's "crime" (in Kenyon's eyes) was to report Kenyon to UCL's Residence Office about the persistent loud music that came out of Kenyon's stereo every single night, and he would regularly play his music until 3 am. Yes, A M. Having asked Kenyon to respect his right to sleep on numerous occasions, with Kenyon completely ignoring him, the Asian student had no choice but to take this matter to the UCL authorities. UCL's Residence Officer wrote a warning letter to Kenyon, and this set him off, and his campaign of racial harassment against the Asian student intensified.

    The Asian student, after months of racial abuse, decided to move to another residence altogether. But this did not stop Kenyon from continuing to harass his victim. Kenyon got a hold of the Asian student's mobile phone statement after he (the Asian student) had left the Doughty Street residence (this statement was mistakenly sent to the student's old Doughty Street address), which allowed Kenyon to find out the student's mobile phone number. Kenyon left an anonymous message (with a heavily disguised voice) on the student's voicemail, which went like this: You are a Paki waaaaaaaaaaaaanker. Imagine how the Asian student felt when he heard the message. The student took this matter to UCL's Dean of Students who strongly urged him to report this matter to the Police. A police report was lodged at the Holborn Police Station in London on 4 March 1999, and the police treated this as a hate crime.

  33. this is soo inaccurate

  34. CSM???

  35. forget about dump ranking…LEEDS is the best

  36. when you get into imperial 👍👍👍😊

  37. Shocked not to see Kings College on the list

  38. This could not possibly be accurate. UCL, while ranked 7th in the world is only 13th most difficult to enter in the UK? KCL doesn't even feature in the top 20 and it has an acceptance rate of 12 percent!

  39. How is this in order of "hardest to get in" when Loughborough (12th), to pick one at random, comes before UCL (13th). I think an A level tariff of 500 is higher than a 397, so UCL should be much higher, no? For example for economics, UCL requires A*AA while Loughborough requires much less, AAB. Student satisfaction happens after you are in, so that is not the order of how hard it is to get in

    A good stat would be to order them in terms of those universities that have relatively low / easy entry tariffs, but have a relatively high satisfaction, or overall ranking i.e. 'Bang for your buck'

  40. I'm hoping to go to University Of Birmingham to study Nursing to become a nurse in the Royal Air Force